Jenny hates IPAs... But this double hopped red IPA (60 IBU) surpasses all expectations! For a thick, heavy, strong beer it is surprisingly smooth, malty sweet, and a joy to drink. At 8.7% ABV, it certainly lives up to its name and makes for the perfect TKO or nightcap.


Of ALL the fruit beers Jenny has EVER tasted, Orthogenesis is the best! With a sexy, light Berliner weisse base, this ale is packed with REAL blueberries. One taste and you'll know there are NO artificial flavors, concentrates or extracts added to this perfect beer!


Jenny loves a good sour... but unfortunately most kettle sours are NOT balanced beers. But this brew from Alvarado Street Brewery is NOT one of them! Just sour enough to be refreshing and fruity enough to smooth out the the tang, Sippin' On Ginger Juice combines the astringency of fresh ginger with the decadent sweetness of ripened peaches. Not only the best sour on the market, but arguably the best sour produced by this popular brewery!


Jenny doesn't call herself "The Pourer of Pilsners" for nothing! The German Pilsner is hands down Jenny's FAVORITE beer style and she is a bonafide pilsner connoisseur! Most pilsners on the market just aren't bubbly and crisp enough to make the cut. Of the few that are, NONE can top this one from Bad Beat Brewing in Las Vegas, NV. This German pils truly drinks like champagne and has an unparalleled clean taste.


Brown ales have fallen to back-burner in recent years. But no trendy beer can ever stand up to this delicious, perfect American Brown Ale! Sometimes less is more. The simple, sweet, light cocoa/coffee flavor of Moosedrool cannot be matched. Easy drinking but hoppy enough to balance the mahogany goodness. Jenny would drink one everyday if she could. This beer is pure, crush-able, perfection!



There is a trend right now of lime and salt infused Mexican lagers. While Jenny is happy that this beer style is getting newfound traction... NOT ALL MEXICAN LAGERS ARE CREATED EQUAL! Some are too light, lacking earthy dank flavor. Some have lime infusions that taste too artificial. But this perfect Mexican Lager from Hangar 24 is brewed with REAL limes and the proof is in the aroma. With a little sea salt added, this lager cannot be beat! Jenny believes this is the best Mexican Lager on the market and has yet to try anything with a more natural taste!


This imperial stout from North Coast Brewing Co. has been winning awards for years! Although there are many delicious imperial stouts on the market from many talented breweries... none can compete with this perfectly smooth, rich, dark coffee-like, sensual brew. Most stouts can be too bitter or too sweet, but Old Rasputin sits nicely in the middle and will probably continue winning awards for years to come. Check out Jenny's "OLD RASPUTIN" episode in season one to learn more about the beer, the brewery and the Russian monk himself!


If "The RINGER" is the best pilsner on the market... Yella Pils by Oskar Blues is the SECOND best pilsner on the market! Jenny is NEVER disappointed whenever she cracks a can of this premium but affordable pils! Exactly as crisp and effervescent as a true pilsner NEEDS to be. Check out Jenny's "Beer Pairing 201: Oysters and Beer" episode in season one where she creates a mignonette sauce with this amazing brew.


This English lager just recently came into Jenny's life and she will love this brew till she dies with her boots on! This band/brewery collaboration lives up to the all the hype and then exceeds it. This beer rides the line between subtle and strong, powerful but smooth. Super malty with sweet barley it reminds you of sitting by a fire, comfortable, and safe. This TROOPER has truly bought the craft world some peace. Check out Jenny's full review of this beer on the "Rock'n'Roll Collaborations" episode in season two.


Oskar Blues DOMINATES the market again with their "ROSE FOR DAZE Rose Ale (formerly Guns'n'Rose). The problem with most rose ales currently on the market is this... they're too damn sweet and they lean toward being a cider. But this brew is the perfect balance of wine, beer, tart jamaica tea and sweet prickly pear. This brew is the perfect segway beer for wine drinkers to bring them to the craft side. Check out Jenny's "Beer Pairing 201: Oysters & Beer" episode in season one for the full review.