Have you ever dreamed of public speaking or hosting a radio show? 

Do you have concepts, ideas, and discussions you would desperately like to share with the world?

Maybe you’re just a closeted storyteller who needs a voice?


Podcasting is fun and easier than you think! With the right microphone, a little editing training, and some consistent attention to detail, YOU TOO can have a podcast up in no time. But why figure it all out on your own…Jenny is a plethora of knowledge and can coach you into recording and uploading fast.

Did you know that Jenny attended monthly podcast workshops for a year before even recording her first episode? Why not allow her to share her trials and errors with you before you start? Jenny is a great coach and can help you clarify your core message, identify your target audience, develop your brand, and learn the necessary tech needed to have quality retail ready sound!  Podcasting is a great way to not only express yourself but also a great tool for business owners to advertise as well. 

Already have a podcast but still need assistance? No problem! Consult with Jenny for honest feedback and easy solutions. 

All training can be done via SKYPE, ZOOM, or FACETIME.