What kind of event are you throwing?
Do you need someone to greet and engage with your guests? Someone funny, attentive and with an impeccable sense of service? 
Prefer someone with a hospitality background? 

Why not hire Jenny? 

With Jenny having years of experience catering upscale weddings, tournaments, celebrity appearances, and corporate parties, she can adapt to any crowd and make them feel welcome. Jenny is an empath who can manage crowds with flawless execution! Let Jenny know what you need and when you need it.  Tell her about your event and your vision. All emails are responded to promptly. 


Do you have a BIER GARTEN at your event?
Need your guests to keep drinking, eating, and spending money? 
Are you looking for someone to keep the energy high and continuously promote your products and vendors?

Why not hire Jenny? 

Jenny definitely has the gift of the gab and can make ANYONE feel welcome and comfortable! With years of experience in the hospitality industry, Jenny understands up-selling, customer service and good timing. She can “read” the audience, read body language and even read lips. With additional experience in public speaking, Jenny is the perfect MC for a day of family fun, 21+ fun, or corporate training livliness to break up the monotony!