The Best American Oktoberfest Beer

My favorite Oktoberfest beer so far is from Angel City Brewery in DTLA. Even though it’s not traditional German Oktobefest beer, I count it as one of my favorites to drink during this traditional celebration. I enjoyed it when the brewery had their Oktoberfest celebration. My girlfriend and close buddy shared the same feelings for it as I did.

Per their description,  A traditional Oktoberfest-style Märzen lager. It’s medium-bodied and auburn-hued with a sweet, caramel-like finish, ABV 6%, IBU 20%. The color is inviting and invokes warm and happy feelings. It was only draft at the brewery so you’d have to go there to try it. They may still have it on tap, but if they don’t you’ll have to wait till next year… and it’ll be worth it!

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