I like sour beers and recently went to Boomtown Brewery in DTLA looking forward to trying their Brett Michaels Blonde Sour. Its description states – Sour Ale w/ Seasonal Fruit 5.2% ABV., 10oz $10. It had a nice hazy amber color with a good head. It smelled a bit vinegary but I figured it’s a sour, right? The first sip tasted ok even though it was REALLY sour. As I continued to drink, it got progressively sourer. My girlfriend tried it and called it “pickle juice”, I laughed and agreed. I kept drinking because there was no way I was going to waste beer. I later regretted it because there was a ball of sourness in my stomach for hours after, leaving me a bit nauseated. Maybe this wasn’t a good batch because other people’s reviews were good. If you are at Boomtown give it a try…if you are up to it.

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