I’m at Arts District Brewing Company in downtown LA for their 4th anniversary. They had some “LA IPA” samples at the door. I don’t like IPA’s but I figure it’s a sample so why not. It actually tasted pretty good. It had a nice citrus flavor, wasn’t too hoppy and surprisingly low in bitterness. I decided I’ll get a pint and try it out with some food. It pairs really well with spicy food because during their 4th anniversary they had really spicy stout beer chili samples and it paired perfect with that, so I’m pretty happy with it. I also had their fantastic Supreme Nachos with chicken and it paired really well with that as well. I don’t think I’d drink it by itself but it goes great with food.

IPA 7.0%
Mosaic / Simcoe / Huell Melon
Looks like sunshine – tastes like stone fruit, honeydew and grapefruit zest. Low in bitterness; piney and pulpy.

House fried tortilla chips, ADBC beer chipotle cheese, sour cream, black beans, pico de gallo, and choice of soyrizo, chicken, ground beef, or asada

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