Jenny does is to support the entrepreneur...

Jenny is a believer in the American Dream.

Jenny knows that dreams CAN come true for those disciplined enough to stay committed.

Jenny became a single mom at the young age of 20.
She had no paternal support, no education, and no knowledge of just how brutal the world could be. But Jenny still had dreams, a mouth to feed, and a life to protect at all costs. The little baby that drove Jenny into craft beer was ALSO the little baby that drove Jenny toward an education. That same baby is now a teenager and still drives Jenny today! 

When Jenny wanted a degree in graphic design…
she got a babysitter and figured it out. 

When Jenny wanted to switch careers and become a chef… she got a knife and figured it out. 

When Jenny wanted to start a podcast, travel the country, meet like minded professionals,  and talk about craft beer …
she got a microphone and figured it out. 

Beer Talk Radio was born of a passion and raised to showcase entrepreneurial dreams. This podcast is a way to celebrate what a committed brew-master can do, how far he/she can go, and what impossible dreams they can achieve with the right strategy, the right team, and the right customers. 

Jenny spends time in both Oakland, CA and Las Vegas, NV as a traveling chef. She has extensive experience in fine dining, banquettes, nutrition (meal prep) and corporate dining. Her specialties are whole animal butchery, Japanese, Northern Italian, Classic American, BBQ/Smoking, and steakhouse cuisines. Jenny has taken leadership positions in many restaurants and catering companies as a lead line cook, sous chef, and kitchen manager. Jenny is known in two states for her elaborate staff meals, humor, passion for training, and putting a$$holes in their place. She has been nick-named by her co-workers as "Beast", "Yakuza" and "The Enforcer".